Vitamin E provides protection against free radicals and collagen smoothens and
refreshes the skin. The serum provides a noticeably smoother and fresher skin
and gives the skin fresh energy, new elasticity and vitality. The serum is suitable
for all skin types . The golden caviar beads open by the gentle pressure on the
dispenser and connect with the transparent gel to a highly effective, wonderful

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The Naturalance Caviar-Pearls serum with the high-quality active ingredients of
caviar extracts, vitamin E and collagen is a luxurious pampering experience. The
excellent anti-ageing active ingredient caviar extract is rich in amino acids, lipids
and vitamins. It moisturizes, reduces wrinkles and has a revitalizing effect on the
skin metabolism. Hyaluronic acid smoothens dry wrinkles and cushions the skin
from the inside out.