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Fannar Al Sharqiyah Al Shamilah Specialized Perfumes & Cosmetics Commercial Registration No. 8070687 Based in Sultanate of Oman since 2002.  We are looking to provide products that meet your high-end tastes and looking forward to the new in the world of Beauty.


Our vision for Fannar Oman is to be the most trusted and aspirational perfume suppliers in the Middle East.


To become the number one online destination for the trusted perfume brands in the middle east.

“We wish to become the textbook example of excellence for serving established and emerging brands in the middle east’s online perfume industry. We will make this possible through our world class service through our suplliers and our dedicated staff memebers. Our execution strategy on customer care satisfaction will be memmorable by the customers.”

Bashir Ghabish Yousuf Al Manthari

Managing Director

Most welcome to our online website and thank you for visiting us.

On behalf of every member of my excellent team at Fannar Oman, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you for all the love and support you have shown to our company. Without your faith in, and shared passion for our work, we would never have progressed thus far.

Smells can have an effect on what we buy, how much we spend, and even on what we gamble. Smelling flowers before sleep can lead to more positive dreams. In research at the Sleep Disorders Centre of the University of Heidelberg, men and women were exposed to either the smell of flowers or hydrogen sulphide, or to no smell at all. Results show that the emotional content of subsequent dreams was linked to the smell. Those who had the pleasant smell had significantly more pleasant dreams than those who had no smell and the people exposed to the Sulphur smell had the most negative dreams. Researchers are now looking at whether pleasant smells could reduce the risk of nightmares.

Here we are there to support to full fill your dreams. We have the reputed brands and we expect 100% satisfaction from our reputed customers. Our team of people are there to support on all the queries.

We thank you again for your support and wish you all the happiness as you discover more and more why Fannar Oman  is best for buying perfumes.


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Why Choose us

We are creating blends that dance together in sweet, romantic, tangy, fruity, woody and uplifting tones. Fragrances that envelop your mind, body and senses and products that are luxurious to the touch, making bathing time and beauty routines a pampering session instead of a daily chore.

Eye-catching, elegant and enticing, our thoughtfully designed packaging maintains an air of luxury whilst being affordably priced, perfect for giving gifts or for treating yourself. True Luxuries from Fannar Oman.

Choose us and you are not only choosing quality and luxury but brands that will positively impact your health and wellbeing and that of the environment you live in.

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Have another questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask us.

Have another questions? Please don’t hesitate to aks us.