Fragrances are added to many products because it makes them smell good. They affect memory and emotions in the brain. If you feel good when you buy a product, you are likely to buy the product again. This is why many companies use fragrance in products such as soap, cigarettes, and air fresheners.

The Aromatherapy Factor: Perfumes are essentially a blend of complementary ingredients and essential oils, whether they be citrus, floral, woody or musky. Different essential oils have different therapeutic effects on different people. They serve to calm the mind and relax the body.

Confidence: Going back to a time in the corporate world, gives positive energy and full confidence to work most efficiently.

Attractiveness: Confidence is far more attractive than physical looks. In fact, it is the confidence of either a man or a woman that I remember more than how well her makeup is done – she could very well be wearing none at all. With this in mind, it is only natural that if perfume is boosting your confidence, you are likely going to increase your attractiveness. Also, it’s worth remembering that perfumes have a large number of pheromones and these will have an effect on the people that you meet.

Leaving a lasting impression:  If you are feeling confident and therefore attractive, then naturally you will leave a lasting impression. Remember that we are all born with five senses scent, sight, taste, sound and touch. Scent and sight are going to be the very first impression someone may have of you, but it will likely be a scent that leaves a lasting impression. This is the reason that a trailing scent is so important, but I’ll come back to this with a little anecdote later on in this article.

Memories and Thoughts: This is another point I will come back to a little further down, but we associate much of what we experience through our five senses with a certain place, time, person or occasion.   The originality of your own unique signature fragrance and how it sits on the body becomes your reputation – let it direct peoples’ minds to you so that you can shine among a crowd of others who do not have any apparent distinguishing features.

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